Application Features
Visualization of the Weather Changes

How it changed: It's always important to put current weather information in perspective, especially for the smaller airports not providing Terminal Aerodrome Forecasts. Unique flight category information bar illustrates how weather has changed in the past several hours.

How often it changed: Keep in mind that METAR information is typically updated once every hour, unless weather changes rapidly. Quick glance at the flight category information bar tells you if updates are issued more frequently than normal - sign of the unstable weather conditions.

Full view: METAR and TAF reports are translated for you in to the easy to read format. We value your time - all it takes is a quick glance on the screen and you know what to expect in the sky. There's no weather information that can be ignored, but most critical information, such as wind speed and direction are made more prominent on the screen.

Raw view: Not all METAR and TAF information can always be decoded. Some weather stations add remarks that are specific to you region. Please always check for special information in the raw view. Simply tap on the "RAW" button and all translated reports will switch over to display raw information.

METAR data visualized screenshot
Airports Near You

You always want to track airports near your departure point, final destination and on route, but why not make your phone do this automatically for you? All Windows Phone 7 devices come with the built-in GPS receivers and are location aware. Aviation Weather application uses your current position to locate airports nearby.

Airport search is safe - absolutely no user identifiable information is transmitted to the servers.

Each airport is listed with the distance from your current location in the statue miles and indicates if the Terminal Aerodrome Forecast (TAF) is available.

All nearby airports are sorted by distance with the closest listed first.

Did you know: Search radius is defaulted to 20 miles, but is configurable in the application settings. Simply tap on the "Local Stations..." label to get to the Setting screen.

Airports near you screenshot
Favorite Airports Summary

Create and manage the list of your most frequented airports. "Favorites" tab provides you with the instant view of the winds and fight categories in each of your favorite airports.

Favorite airports screenshot